Area We Serve BahrainArea we serve Bahrain

Area We Serve Bahrain, by our owned company, diversified to offer us the ability to cover customer briefs. We are a scaffolding manufacturer company in Bahrain that provides aluminum scaffolding, steel scaffolding, aluminum ladders, building materials, and safety items for any construction project. Thus, we are one of Bahrain’s major manufacturing and providing enterprises. Above all, our company is a supplier of scaffolding in Bahrain, aluminum ladders, building materials, safety items, and formwork and shuttering. Some of our primary service areas are listed below.

  1. Manama
  2. Al Muharraq
  3. Ar Rifa
  4. Dar Kulayb
  5. Madinat Hamad
  6. Madinat Isa
  7. Sitrah
  8. Jidd Hafs
  9. Al Hadd

We promise premium and high-quality scaffolds that support by a manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, we take pride in our unwavering dedication to customer care as well as after-sales service. Also, not only do we offer top-of-the-line transportable aluminum scaffolding on rent but also access equipment.

Our Group Consists Of:

Our workforce is well-trained, qualified, and driven. Everyone on the ARESScaffolding  Bahrain team is dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, safety, and customer service. This feature sets us apart from the competition. They have played a significant part in our and our customer’s success to date.

However, we place a high value on the development and motivation of our employees because they are our most valuable asset. In addition, there is a requirement of a significant yearly expenditure in personnel training, both on and off the job. Everyone at our company is provided with the necessary tools, equipment, and technology to do their duties in an expert and helpful manner. Most organizations ask clients to contact them for an estimate because each job is unique. But we prioritize your work. And make every effort to give the greatest scaffolding and formwork at the most reasonable price.


Thus, the key to the successful completion of any project is the expertise and experience of the management team working on it. On the whole, we strive for constant improvement in the quality and value of our services. All of our services are the foundations of safety. To sum up, we and our staff commit to reaching high levels of efficiency, production, and profitability.